Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Teaching CPR to hospitals

I was recently asked to teach CPR at a local hospital in Esteli where the organization is based out of. I initially understood that they were medical students, however, once I arrived I learned that they were medical doctors and were soon to begin rotation. I introduced myself and added that I taught basic first aid to community members and so my explanations may be a bit simple compared to what they are used to. Overall, the presentation went well. We talked about the reasons to use CPR and I also presented how to use it in rural settings in case someone has a heart attack not in a hospital. I asked many questions which they answered readily and scientifically. There were some instances that I didn't understand everything they said, but that's okay. We then began the fun stuff, practicing. We reviewed the steps for adults, kids, and babies. Since there were no dolls to practice with, one of the doctors volunteered to be a patient. The training lasted about an hour and I answered what questions came up. It was a challenging yet interesting experience. The students appreciated the discussion and the practice. Which is what is the purpose of the training.

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