Thursday, May 19, 2011

First trainings set up

My second day here I created an assessment form that was sent to the Peace Corps volunteers in the northern region where I hope to work. The assessment specified what information I could teach and asked what that the community members specifically wanted. I received one response thus far and it is to teach 5-6 topics to 30 health workers in the town of Jinetega on June 25. Yesterday I also went to a safety and security meeting for Peace Corps volunteers in the northern region. I introduced myself and passed out copies of the assessment with my contact information in the hopes that I can schedule more trainings. The Director and I passed by the firestation in Somoto and met the fire chief Freddy. We set a date for June 5 to have a refresher training on first aid and practice mock scenarios. On the way back, Rodney and I discussed ideas of how to make a training video so the firefighters could keep it and review it whenever they wanted. I set that as an activity to look up or find someone who could be willing to edit videos we made.

Last night I met with the coordinators of Global Glimpse to discuss what I will be training them on Monday and Tuesday in regards to first aid. I informed them on what we would be discussing and listened to ideas of what they wanted. The meeting ended with everyone excited about the training.

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